3 Levels of Salvation Excerpt



The 3 Levels of Salvation: Spirit, Soul and Body

A Detailed Look at Being Born Again 
And What Christian Salvation Really Means

Excerpt From Chapter 4


You must understand that we human beings act consistent with what we sub-consciously believe to be true.

As Christians, we may say we believe a lot of things, but what we really
believe is the dominant mental image that's etched in our minds and fed
by our sub-conscious.

For instance, consider Brother John Doe or JD for short.

Brother JD is a leader in his local church and well respected by his peers.

He’s been confessing prosperity scriptures over his life and circumstances
for years but somehow never seems to get ahead financially and is always just barely scraping by.

He lives from paycheck to paycheck even though he pays tithes and gives a generous offering every time he gets his salary.

Why is Brother JD’s situation thus?

What is holding him back from experiencing the super abundance the Lord died to give him?

How about the fact that Brother JD was born into poverty and grew up with lack all his life.

And no matter how much he says that he’s blessed and highly favored of
God, deep inside he still sees himself as that little boy who never had
enough to eat and who was forced to wear his older sibling’s hand-me-down clothes.

What if his sub-conscious mind is filled with the belief that he’s inadequate
and never will be good enough because his parents told him so over and
over, all through his childhood?

Do you think because he pays his tithes and confesses some scripture
verses he’s going to come into sudden wealth?

Even if he wins the Lotto and becomes an instant millionaire the moment
he gets that money he’s going to begin to lose it all.


Because he hasn’t changed!

He may have a million dollars but sub-consciously he’s still that poor little
boy with an inferiority complex and sure as the sun rises he will subconsciously begin to sabotage his own well being until he gets back to the condition he’s most comfortable with… being broke.

We’ve got to understand that this is a person who is psychologically

His mind is lost due to the negative influences of the enemy and
desperately needs to be saved.

God’s way of doing things is to make you a millionaire BEFORE he gives
you a million dollars.

So when you get the money, you won’t lose it.

That means changing your mind, your conscious and sub-conscious mind
or as Paul, the Apostle says it, being renewed in the spirit of your mind.

The way that’s done is to see Jesus more clearly.

The clearer you see Him the truer you see yourself because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The clearer you see Jesus, the clearer you see the Truth.

The truth about everything including the truth about you!

The bible says, “...We all, with open face beholding as in a glass (a mirror)
the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to
glory.” 2nd Corinthians 3:18

This verse is saying that when you look into God’s word it becomes a
mirror and in that mirror you see the glory of God reflected.

What exactly is this glory of God that we see in the bible?

The bible says, “For a man indeed ought not to cover his head forasmuch
as he is the image and glory of God.” 1st Corinthians 11:7

Putting these two scriptures together this is what you get...



UNDERSTANDING The 3 Levels of Salvation: Spirit, Soul and Body


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